A Beginner’s Guide to Auto Shows

07 Jul

In every place or event there surely is a long standing and strongly held etiquette to observe and follow. Yes, anywhere and anytime – even just going to auto show. As a goer, one thing to do before you accept an invitation or attend something is to know the proper decorum of one place.  You need to act and behave just as how people will ask of you in a certain event. Most certainly when you are new in auto shows, you must prepare yourself for the rules and guidelines at first. 

For sure you would not want to look like a total naïve as you get there, right? Cool. So here it goes:

Huge car shows that are hosted by the top luxury bands in the world are usually boisterous and screaming of confetti and engines.  In the largest car show in the world people get to show new models of car or any customized or retrieved beetle that has been configured to function and look new and modern to the eye of the public. Though you can imagine car shows as loud event with rowdy car enthusiast it still has rules in it. 

In a car show, every car is open for a sweet ride and test, but you can only cop a feel.  No engines should be tuned up as it might cause some backfire. So be careful as you try to press and turn something when trying a model car in car show.  Keep your hands from pulling and manual and turning anything on. 

Though you might test everything in a car show in general but still there are things that you remained your eye candy. Some luxury cars are not for test or open for a sweet cop of feel inside.  Usually the people who can have a run in it are the people that will take it home. Unless you are billionaire with big fat check then you may hit that pedal off the place.

Observe lines and never cut in.  That’s the best etiquette in any place. You should never cut in the line and always wait for your turn. Patience is the key. Hold your horses because everyone will be given the chance to test the car in on their own including you as part of the show of course. So wait.

These are so far the common etiquette in a car show, they are pretty simple and easy to recall so enjoy on your first car show. Visit MONACO GRAND PRIXMonte Carlo Monaco to know more.

For more information, visit this link - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Car

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